Produced in packs of 4 bowls

The continuous  development of the SUPER MARTEL world, has the only purpose to improve and innovate,  combined with the increasing standards of reliability distinguishing the company in the latest years. And here is V.I.P., the new boccia made of new polymers with their  very small molecular particles, in order to reduce the amount of  moisture in the molecules of the materials themselves. This phenomenon improves significantly the performance of the bocce: less deterioration,  less absorption of the impurities, a better smoothness.

V.I.P.: The Fashion star of SUPER MARTEL range


FOR CUSTOM COLOR COMBINATIONS, contact us: info@supermartel.com

€ 210,00      € 180,00 for online orders

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BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-1) White-Black, fluorescent pink BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-2) White-blue ocean, blue fluorescent BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-3) white-fluorescent pink,fluorescent violet BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-4) Celeste fluo-blue ocean, blue light Italian
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-5) White-fluorescent orange, ocean blue BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-6) white-Black , fluorescent yellow BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-7) White - fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-8) White - Green fluorescent, fluorescent orange
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-9) White - fluorescent green, light blue Italian BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-10) White-light blue fluorescent, fluorescent yellow BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-11) fluorescent orange-fluorescent yellow, blue ocean BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-12) BLUE OCEAN-mix green, red mix
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-13) WHITE-ocean blue, fluorescent yellow BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: VP-14) LIGHT BLUE FLUO-fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-15) WHITE-light blue fluorescent, fluorescent orange BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-16) BLACK-fluo pink, fluo purple
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-17) ITALIAN BLUE-fluorescent green, yellow mix BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-18) WHITE-Italian blue, ocean blue BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-19) WHITE-black, fuchsia fluo BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-20) WHITE-blue ocean, red fluorescent
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-21) WHITE-Italian blue, fluorescent orange BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-22) WHITE-fluorescent red, fluorescent purple BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-23) BLACK-blue Italian BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-24) WHITE-fluorescent red, fluorescent green
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-25) White-black BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-26) RED FLUO-black BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-27) WHITE-fluorescent red, fluorescent orange BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-28) YELLOW FLUO-fluorescent green, orange flu
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-29) Grey, fluorescent red, black BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-30) White, silver gray, black BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-31) White, fluorescent red, light blue BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-32) silver gray, fuxsia fluorescent, fluorescent pink
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-33) Fluorescent yellow-green fluorescent, fluorescent focsia BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-34) Fluorescent yellow-fluorescent fuchsia, fluorescent pink BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-35) Silver-gray Fuchsia fluo, YELLOWFLUO BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-36) Silver Grey-Red fluo, amaranth clear
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-37) fluorescent yellow-fluorescent purple, blue Italy BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-38) Arancio flow, green flow, Nero BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-39) White-Italy Blue, Black BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-40) Fluorescent red - fluorescent orange
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-41) Fluo yellow - fluo orange BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-42) Fluorescent Yellow - green fluorescent BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-43) White - purple fluo BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-44) White - silver gray, yellow fluo
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-45) Blue ocean - fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-46) Silver gray - blue ocean, green fluorescent BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-47) Blue ocean, blue Italian BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-48) Silver- gray light blue fluorescent
BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-49) silver- gray fluorescent orange, black BOCCE // V.I.P. (code: vp-50) White, black, fluorescent green