Super Martel: About Us

Production and sales of retail and online bowling game and synthetic racing, bags, shoes and accessories

Manufacture, retail and online sale of synthetic bocce balls for racings, bags, shoes and accessories.
The brand Super Martel dates back to 1950.

At that time bocce balls were made of wood, butfor this reason they had a very short life. Therefore an entrepreneur, a real lover of this sport, who manufactured plastic parts for the automobile industry, decided to test themanufactureof a bowl with his own materials.
Thanks to his personal knowledge of plastic, he totally renewed this game with his new bocce balls: now they looked more attractive and coloured because of the multiple colors of plastic.

From then on, thanks to enormous technological investments, Super Martel is still the leader in the world for the manufacture and sale of bocce balls and of professional equipment for this sport.

Today Super Martel in Berra (Ferrara) is overall well known for its fully computerized processing system, making the bowl perfectly spherical (one of the most important features of this sport)

The quality is guaranteed by the use of extraordinary resistantalloys, so that the bocce balls by Super Martel are a highly reliable product, guaranteed forever.