in set of 4 bowls

SUPER MARTEL is glad to introduce his customers and followers:  CROSS.

CROSS is the new bowl  with coloured crossings and captivating figurative effects, completely different from the previous models, thanks to the synergy between Super Martel and the world's leading providers of raw materials necessary for the creation and development of this product.

These new materials, through new molecular combinations, improve CROSS in order to have a better bounce, and to be moistureproof  and more resistant.

The result is an excellent bocce, both visually and  structurally.

CROSS: To cross the obstacles and win!


€ 155,00     € 125,00 per ordini online

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BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-1) WHITE-fluorescent red, blue ocean BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-2) WHITE-blue Italy BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-3) White-black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-4) White-red fluorescent
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-5) WHITE-fluorescent orange, ocean blue BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-6) WHITE MIX, fluorescent orange, ocean blue-black, fluorescent fuchsia BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-7) WHITE- yellow fluo, black, blue ocean, blue Italy BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-8) ITALIAN BLUE-green fluorescent
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-9) RED FLUO-mix white, fluorescent green, blue Italy BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-10) BLUE light-yellow fluorescent BOCCE // CROSS (code: CS-11) PINK FLUO-white, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-12) BLUE OCEAN-white, pink
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-13) BLACK-yellow fluorescent BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-14) BLACK-fluorescent red, fluorescent pink, blue Italy, white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-15) WHITE-fluorescent green, fluorescent red BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-16) WHITE-fluo blue, ocean blue
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-17) WHITE-orange fluorescent BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-18) YELLOW FLUO-mix white, blue Italy, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-19) YELLOW FLUO-fluorescent red, blue ocean BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-20) ITALIAN BLUE-mix white, yellow fluorescent
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-21) BLACK-mix white, fluorescent pink BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-22) GREEN FLUO-mix fluorescent orange, white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-23) RED FLUO-mix, fluorescent green, white BOCCE // CROSS (code: CS-24) LIGHT BLUE FLUO-mix fluorescent red, black
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-25) ITALIAN BLUE-mix fluorescent red,white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-26) BLUE OCEAN-mix fluo yellow, white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-27) PURPLE-mix white, fluorescent pink BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-28) LIGHT BLUE-FLUO fluorescent yellow, green fluorescent
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-29) ORANGE FLUO-mix Italy blue, white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-30) PINK FLUO-mix fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-31) BLACK-fluorescent yellow, white BOCCE // CROSS (code: CS-32) LIGHT BLUE-FLUO neon yellow, blue ocean
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-33) WHITE-mix fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-34) WHITE-blue Italy, purple, fluorescent pink, fluorescent green BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-35) WHITE-mix fluorescent red, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-36) WHITE-mix, black, blue Italy
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-37) WHITE-mix fluo yellow, blue ocean BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-38) WHITE-mix fluorescent orange, fluorescent red BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-39) RED-FLUO yellow fluo, blue Italy BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-40) RED FLUO- mix multicolor1
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-41) YELLOW FLUO-blue, light blue, pink, purple BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-42) ITALIAN BLUE-white, red, green BOCCE // CROSS (code: CS-43) WHITE MULTICOLOR 1 BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-44) WHITE mix-Yellow fluo, fluo
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-45) fluorescent orange-white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-46) BLUE OCEAN-white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-47) GREEN FLUO-mix fluorescent orange, blue BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-48) BLACK-mix multicolor
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-49) BLACK-fluorescent orange BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-50) ORANGE FLUO-mix lt-blue, yellow fluorescent BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-51) BLUE OCEAN-mix multicolor BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-52) GREEN FLUO-mix multicolor
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-53) BLUE OCEAN-red fluorescent BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-54) Silver gray, multicolor BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-55) Silver-gray-pink, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-56) SILVER-white,
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-57) SILVER-white, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-58) MAGENTA fluo-white, green, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: CS-59) PURPLE MULTICOLOR fluo- BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-60) YELLOW CORMO-multicolor
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-61) AMARANTO LIGHT-white, blue Italian, neon yellow BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-62) AMARANTO LIGHT-yellow fluorescent BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-63) SILVER-fluorescent orange BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-64) WHITE-green fluorescent
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-65) BLUE OCEAN-black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-66) Black-magenta fluorescent BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-67) Silver gray-black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-68) White -yellow chromium, amaranth clear
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-69) White - fluorescent orange, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-70) Fluo yellow - blue Italian BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-71) Red fluo - multicolor t.u. BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-72) Yellow fluo- multicolor
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-73) Yellow fluo orange fluo- BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-74) Fluorescent orange-white, black, yellow BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-75) Fuchsia fluo- multicolor1 BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-76) Blue ocean - fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-77) Silver gray - fluorescent red, blue ocean BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-78) Fluorescent green - silver gray BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-79) Black - fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-80) Fluorescent pink - white, silver gray
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-81) Silver gray - neon yellow, black BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-82) Light Blue Italian - fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-83) Black - white, silver gray BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-84) Fluorescent orange - multicolor 2
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-85) Fluorescent orange - silver gray BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-86) Chrome yellow - black gray silver BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-87) Blue ocean - fluorescent orange, fluorescent red BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-88) Amaranth clear - multicolor1
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-89) Neon Purple - white, fluorescent yellow BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-90) White - fluorescent pink, blue Italian BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-91) Magenta fluo - multicolor T.U. BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-92) Fluorescent orange - multicolor T.U.
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-93) blu Italian - white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-94) White - fluorescent green, blue ocean BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-95) lt. blu fluo - fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-96) Silver gray - white, fluorescent red
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-97) Silver gray - chrome yellow, amaranth clear BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-98) magenta fluorescent - White BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-99) Lt. Blue Italy - multicolor BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-100) Fluorescent red - fluorescent yellow, black
BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-101) Fluorescent red - fluorescent yellow, white BOCCE // CROSS (code: cs-102) YELLOW FLUO - white, fluorescent red, fluorescent green